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Without a will

  • You cannot be sure those you would wish to benefit will do so.
  • Your spouse/civil partner will not automatically inherit ALL of your Estate.
  • ‘Common Law’ partners may not receive anything.
  • Minor children could be taken into Care whilst Guardians are appointed.
  • There could be lengthy delays for your Beneficiaries and disputes.
  • You cannot prevent certain family members from benefiting.
  • You will not be able to leave something to friends, colleagues or charities, which fall outside of the Rules of Intestacy.
  • In the time it takes to read this information, someone, somewhere will have died Intestate – that is, without leaving a valid Will.

Guardians and Executors

The role of a Guardian is a very important one if you have children. Should you die without making a Will, or if you do not appoint Guardians in your Will, your children could be placed in care until the Court appoints official Guardians to look after them. This could take months and would obviously result in distress for your children and other members of your family. You should remember to request that your appointed Guardians also make a Will themselves to further safeguard the future of your children.

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