Protecting your assets and your Children’s Inheritance

Making a Will is a good start, but consider the following issues as some or all the inheritance you leave could be lost without the correct “Bloodline Planning”, most commonly to:

    Divorce or Separation Settlements

    Creditors or Bankruptcy claims

    Further Inheritance Tax liability

    Protecting your home and assets from Care Costs


There are often further considerations, for example:

  • Where there are children from a previous marriage, how do you ensure that they would get their fair share.
  • What if your children are very young or have special needs. How can you ensure that they are fully provided for?
  • Have you considered what might happen if on your death your spouse were to remarry. How would this affect your own children if he/she later changed their Will in favour of the new spouse and any subsequent children. Or predeceased the second spouse leaving the survivor free to leave your estate solely to their children.
  • There may also be a business you have worked hard to build up. Surely you would want to protect this for your family too.

We can ensure that your children and future generations, i.e. your direct descendants are able to benefit from the Inheritance you want them to receive and at the same time, protect the family home and other assets from being lost to the costs of Long Term Care.

Do you really want to leave it all to chance, when with our professional help to set up the correct type of planning all these problems could be solved? Our expertise will ensure that your assets are both fully protected from attack and available to your loved ones after you are gone.


If you fail to act now:

    Your home may have to be sold to pay for your Long Term Care.

    Your savings and investments could be wiped out.

    Any income would be assessed and used towards the cost of your Care.

    Your children and grandchildren could lose their entire Inheritance.


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